Blessings Flow
Inspirational poems of faith and family
Blessings Flow - Poems of faith and family 70 pages, including:
The Abyss of Ruin
Three Praises
Jonah the Reluctant Missionary
Blessings Flow
A Prayer
God's Unseen Power
Jesus, My Savior
The Cross, Our Faith
Prayer for Strength
Blessed Sabbath
Amos the Prophet of Justice
Hosea the Prophet of Love
Joel the Prophet of Pentecost
Micah the Prophet
Obadiah the Prophet of Doom
Romans 1:16
From the Psalms
Our Father Will Help Us
His Presence
Blessed Sabbath
World War II
We Are All God's Creation
A Prayer of Thanks
The Meaning of Christmas
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Written By: Bernice Chatterson and edited By: Perry Waddell
Published in 2011
Made in USA
ISBN: 1461109787
ISBN-13: 978-1461109785

Bernice Chatterson About the author:
Bernice Antoinette Warning Chatterson was born in 1914 in the U.S. State of Michigan. She was one of nine children born to Norwegian immigrants, Pedar from the town of Larvik and Bertha from the town of Helgaroa. Bernice graduated from high school in 1931 at age 16. She was extremely intelligent and excelled at English and math. Her ability to solve complex math problems or to copy edit in her head made her a popular tutor for her children and grandchildren. Her family suffered through the depression and lived through two world wars. Bernice herself contracted and lived through the scourge of polio, suffering the lingering effects until her death. Through all her experiences, she drew strength from her faith and her family and wrote poetry both to celebrate the happy times and to find comfort in the difficult ones. In 1936, Bernice Antoinette Warning married George Chatterson. They had four children and eventually ten grandchildren. Bernice wrote poetry her whole life. Even when she wasn't writing, she was always rhyming: words, phrases, anyone's name she knew or met. Bernice enjoyed watching sports, playing games, studying math, reading the Bible, and mentoring young people. She had a keen interest in the Olympic games, both summer and winter, and maintained a sharp and active mind until her death in 2002.
Bernice Chatterson

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Published in 2011
Made in USA
Copyright © 2015 Perry Waddell
All rights reserved. Apart from fair dealing and fair use, no part may be reproduced by any process without written permission.

Editor Perry Waddell
Chatterson, Bernice A. 1914-2002
Blessings Flow: Inspirational Poems of Faith and Family
1st ed.
ISBN: 1461109787
ISBN-13: 978-1461109785